Blocked Drains

Established in 2006 we unblock drains, toilets, sinks and much more! We have the latest equipment to deal with any problem.

Blocked drains and pipes can be a nightmare, so trust Hydrojet to get you back on track.

An emergency with your drains can feel like a disaster, with water or sewage flooding your property. Hydrojet can deal with blockages and overflows to get you back to normal fast. Whatever your drainage problem Hydrojet can fix it fast, safely and effectively.

Our services include: Jetting sewer pipes and storm drains. Full underground C.C.T.V. inspection to check for problem pipes. Radio detection equipment to trace pipes and determine their depth. We have mini jetters to deal with blocked flat roof drains and root cutters to clear pipes where tree roots have broken through.

If you have a blocked pool skimmer we can send our camera along the pipe to find the damaged area. Knowing where the problem is saves money and time, only the area around the problem needs to be excavated.

We offer complete service contracts for complexes with Biological Treatment Plants (B.T.P.) and weekly visits at very competitive prices.